Mountain Vacation Retreat

Black Thorn Farm & Kitchen is a grass-based farm in the beautiful mountains of Big Sandy Mush (near Asheville, NC).

We have a small flock of mixed breed, predominantly old English wool sheep. They are raised here, as they have always been, for their meat, wool and sheepskins. We like to call them our mountain mutts.
We raise hogget. In the United States hogget is not a term people are familiar with anymore and because being an unconventional sheep farm is already weirdly marginal, we usually say we raise lamb. The difference is in the animal’s age, and in that difference lies contrast in size and flavor.

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Black Thorn Farm Is A Grass-Based Farm Outside Of Asheville, Nc In The Beautiful Mountains Of Big Sandy Mush. We Raise A Vigorous Flock Of Sheep And Grow A Diversity Of Vegetables And Grains. Like An 18Th Century Homestead, We Orchestrate A Natural Balance Between Food Production And The Integrity Of Our Land. Our Animals Are Part Of An Interlocking Fabric Of Vegetables, Fruit, Grain, And Forest.

We Offer The Highest Quality Grass Fed Lamb, Wool, And Sheepskins.