The Kitchen

Chocolate Chip Cookies Vacation Mountain Farm Rental

Delicious prepared foods from our farm kitchen.

We want to deepen the meaning of 'local' from just what you can buy at the farmer's market to what is truly regional cuisine.

We strive to build an authentic food culture based on the ingredients that can uniquely be grown here in southern Appalachia.

The mountains are for lamb and persimmon as the coast is for shrimp and grits.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen Guest Reviews.

"We ordered dinner on the night of arrival and it was delicious! We also had baked goods delivered for each day of our stay. I definitely recommend the fresh baked bread and herbed butter! "

"Sharon’s biscuits are the best I’ve ever had. And her cookies were amazing."

" Do yourself a favor and order a meal upon your arrival, or daily baked goods (homemade bread and butter, biscuits, muffins, etc)!! I cannot recommend enough a stay at Black Thorn Farm and Kitchen!!!"

"Make sure you get some kind of food from Sharon."

"The meals and baked goods are beyond worth every penny — delicious, generous portions. Book and don’t look back!"

"The meals are excellent and worth every penny."

"We had 2 meals and a 3 day morning bread option. It was amazing!"

Be sure to Order your Arrival Meal and Bread Options.